Monday, December 12, 2011

Bedtime Wars: Getting the Kids to Bed!

Does getting your child to bed seem like a daunting task? It doesn't have to be. Try some of the tips below to assist you in your bed time war!

Tip #1: Create a Routine and Follow it!
Children are creatures of habit. They love watching the same movie over and over. They love the same bedtime story night after night. They even request the same snacks day in and day out. Bedtime is no different. Create your routine and stick to it every night! You will notice that your child will no longer protest (or at least not as much).

Tip #2: Feed and Conquer!

Children always try to find any excuse not to go to bed. Make sure they eat a nice dinner about 2 hours before bedtime. You will notice that they are satisfied and won't complain. And remember, sugar is your enemy! No sugar after 5pm is my motto! That way it has time to get through their system.

Tip #3: Where's my Rubber Ducky?
Warm baths are very soothing. Make sure your child takes a nice warm bath before bed. Let them play a little! This process gets any last need to play out (hopefully). It also relaxes them and gets their bodies ready for slumber.

Tip #4: Comfy PJ's

Make sure that their pajamas are comfortable. Whether its warm and soft or cool and free, just make sure that your little person finds them comfortable. Don't put them in feeted pajamas if they don't like it. They will just protest.

Tip #5: Who Turned Out the Light?

Darkness promotes sleep. If your child is afraid of the dark, let them pick out a cool night light that they love. Make it fun! This way they will beg you to cut the light off just to see their new cool night light glow in the dark.

Tip #6: No Play Zone!

All activities leading up to bed time should be calming. No wild jumping on the bed or wrestling or any other physically or mentally stimulating activities. Think zen.

Tip # 7: The Princess (or Prince) and the Pea.
Make sure their bed is nice and cozy. Whatever that means to your child. Whether its with lots of pillows and a thick blanket or no cover at all. Whatever it is, let your child's sleeping place be specially tailored to their wants and desires. After all they will be spending many hours there getting their beauty rest!

Hope these tips help you to get your little angel off to slumber land! Also, here are some products that you might find useful!


  1. Hi, new follower via Exposure 99% weekday hop.

  2. I am loving your tips! We have a baby on the way and this is all reminding me of the issues my sister had putting her kids to sleep. I hope that's not genetic!

    I'm following you from the Exposure 99% Weekday Hop! I hope you'll come visit!

  3. Glad to have you on board, Hillary! I will definitely visit your site as well!


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